“Water is Destiny.” Stephan A. Schwartz

The Waters Project

The Blue Danube Series: The Waters is a unique interdisciplinary art collaboration that is the brainchild of Alexandra Steiner to create awareness about the importance of water in our lives. The project brings together the talents of two accomplished artists, Brooke Lizotte, a composer and musician from the United States, and Alexandra Steiner, an Evolution and Environment Biologist, and Artist from Austria. The project combines Steiner’s stunning water paintings with Lizotte’s beautiful musical compositions to create a powerful audio-visual experience that explores the different phases of water and the impact of human intervention on our world’s water resources.

The project began during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 when Lizotte and Steiner found themselves drawn to the subject of water and its vital role in our lives. They saw an opportunity to use their respective skills and expertise to create a unique project to raise awareness about the critical issues surrounding water. The result is a project that combines the beauty of art and music with an important message about the environment.

The Blue Danube Series: The Waters is not just a passive art installation. It is an immersive audiovisual experience that invites the audience to explore the different facets of water. The performance takes the audience on a journey through the different phases of water, from mist to ice to the power of tidal waves, and ends with the fury of wildfires. The paintings and music work together to create a meditative environment that allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the nature of water.

The project has already received recognition in Austria, where it has been performed several times to critical acclaim. Lizotte and Steiner hope to expand the reach of their project and bring its awareness-raising message to government embassies throughout Europe, the USA, and eventually, the world. They believe their project can be a powerful tool to promote environmental protection and raise awareness about the importance of water as a critical resource. The Blue Danube Series: The Waters is an innovative and inspiring project combining art, music, and science to deliver a powerful message about water.

The Music

The Imagery

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